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Nutech products are recommended for cement and terracotta roof tiles, sheet metal including galvanized, zincalume, Colorbond®, Decramastic® and Decrabond®, asbestos and cement sheeting, concrete and masonry roof surfaces.

Colours are available in Nuflex®, Tileflex 2000®, PaveCoat, Low Sheen and Gloss 100% Acrylic and Sunguard Paints. Also available in White, Silver, Safety Yellow and Signal Red. NXT COOL ZONE® - These colours are available in NXT COOL ZONE® Heat Reflecting Roof Coatings - also available in white and pastel colours.

Please note: Colours here are representative only and may appear differently according to your computer screen. Please ask one of our consultants to see a Nutech Roof Coatings brochure or download the Nutech colour chart for more acurate colour representations.

NXT CoolZone

In 2007 Nutech released NXT Cool Zone, a technically advanced heat reflecting roof coating available in a wide range of colours including dark colours such as black and charcoal.

This remarkable new heat reflecting roof coating utilises revolutionary thermal protection technology to reduce the amount of the Sun's heat energy absorbed by a roof, dramatically lowering heat build up, even with dark traditional roof colours.

NXT Cool Zone will be 6°C to 10°C cooler inside the home and is provided with a 12 year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

As a direct result of NXT Cool Zone will save money by;