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A roof is part of a building envelope, both the covering on the uppermost part of a building or shelter which provides protection from nature and weather, notably rain, but also heat, wind and sunlight; and the framing or structure which supports the covering.

QBCC-licensed contractor (#1151761)

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) is a statutory authority established to regulate the Queensland building industry. It is QBCC’s mission to improve standards, equity and confidence in the building industry.

A QBCC licence is like a driver’s licence in that it shows that the licensed person has met QBCC’s technical, managerial and financial requirements. QBCC should be the first port of call for consumers contemplating building or renovating!

QBCC Home Warranty Insurance
If you contract with a QBCC-licensed contractor to perform residential construction work valued at over $3,300, Queensland Home Warranty Scheme insurance provides cover for up to 6.5 years after the date of payment of the insurance premium or the date of the contract to build (whichever is earlier). The maximum benefit available under a policy is up to $400,000 which is allocated as follows:
● $200,000 for non-completion, defects and/or subsidence that occurs BEFORE practical completion
● $200,000 for defects and/or subsidence that occurs AFTER practical completion

QBCC Dispute prevention
QBCC plays a role in preventing building disputes by educating licensees on technical issues and good business practices. QBCC also assists consumers by offering dispute resolution service to assist in getting the defective work rectified.

For more information:
For further information on QBCC’s services, call 1300 272 272, check out their website at or visit your local QBCC office.

HIA Certified

This QBCC approved course gives participants the key skills necessary for operating a successful business and providing important information and practical techniques to aid business success.

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