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With this job, our customer called for a quote on a full restoration and asked if it was possible to have 2 colour options for something different and to break down the look from one main colour. Of course we said 'not a problem!'

On inspection we found ridge capping in really bad condition with surrounding concrete very loose.

This job required a lot of tile replacement and re-pointing of the lines

As explained to the customer it was too far gone to just re-point so we recommended to re-bed and re-point, with an explanation on how it would last at least 15 to 20 years if done properly through Paul Newport Roof Restoration.

While on the roof, we discovered many broken tiles with a lot of slipped valley tiles and broken badge caps, with a recommendation we fixed all of these issues. With the customer’s go-ahead and instruction to fix it all, we set to work to get it fully weather proof again. This job included:

We then water blasted the entire roof and cleaned all the guttering, applied one coat of sealer, two coats of Grecian Terracotta in Nutech tileflex 2000. Then I suggested we painted the barge caps and ridge capping in Manor Red to add another tone. Our customer was extremely happy with the result
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