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With this job, our customer called concerned about a number of water marks on the ceiling - suspecting a number of leaks.

He asked if Paul New port Roof Restorations could inspect his roof and provide a free quote on repairing any issues we saw. Of course we said 'not a problem!'

This roof had multiple leaks due to non-maintenance over a long period

As the ridge caps were in poor condition and would likely be letting water in we recommended the following course of action:

We gave him our guarantee it wouldn’t leak if this work was undertaken by Paul Newport Roof Restorations.

We would also clean out all the gutters as blocked gutters can cause water to enter into eaves. We quickly provided a quote and happily accepted the job doing all recommended repairs.

A few months later the ultimate test of our work came in the form of a heavy Queensland tropical rain storm. A few days later our customer rang to say how impressed they were that all the leaks were fixed and how happy and extremely relieved they were they didn’t take advice from any other companies to replace their roof!

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