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With this job, our customer contacted Paul Newport Roof Restorations to enquire if we had suggestions about anything we could do to cool their house - Of course we said 'not a problem!'

Over the phone we discussed options including installing whirly birds and a new heat reflecting roof coating recently introduced to the market.

They wanted to learn more so we agreed to visit them in person and after inspecting the house we explained their house’s cathedral ceiling design severely reduced the effectiveness of Whirly Birds as these products are designed to utilise a ceiling cavity.

Here we provided an energy-efficient cooling solution through heat-absorbing roof coating technology

We told them about NXT Cool Zone, explaining how this remarkable new heat reflecting coating provides thermal protection technology to reduce the amount of the Sun's heat energy absorbed by a roof, dramatically lowering heat build-up, and can reduce the heat of their home by 6 to 10 degrees.

On inspection we noticed the ridge capping was slightly cracked and one or two broken tiles and recommended the roof be re-pointed with broken tiles replaced to prevent these repairs needing to be done at a later date. We quoted for repairs, followed by repainting with NXT Cool Zone. The customer was happy with our price and gave us the go ahead.

We carried out:

Following these repairs we de-dagged all the ridges and hips, blew down the entire roof, blew out all the gutters and applied one coat of sealer and two coats of NXT Cool Zone.

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