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A new roof is one of the biggest expenses you can make. Paul Newport Roof Restoration wants to help you get the most out of your current roof with our specialist knowledge, equipment and materials to help insure a healthy roof for years to come - without the cost of a replacement roof, or even a full restoration.

Paul Newport Roof Restoration can repair your roof to ensure many years of service without the cost of a full restoration or replacement.

Bedding and Pointing Repairs

The easiest way to explain 'bedding' and 'pointing' is this- you know that point where one side of the house meets the other? That seam is called a 'ridge'. Obviously you're going to need to put something OVER this ridge otherwise water is simply going to pour inside your roof. The tiles you use to cover and 'join' the two areas are called a 'ridge cap'.

Tiles are designed to interlock together - this makes them very strong, supportive and allows the roof to remain uniform and look neat and tidy. However, ridge caps rest OVER the tiles- so there they need something to help 'glue them down'. The first step in the process is bedding; a mixture of sand and cement that provides a stong base to set the ridge caps in prior to pointing.

The bedding, however, isn't where it ends. A flexible 'pointing' agent is then applied which can 'move' with the roof. This allows it to be more flexible, as the name implies, and not crack due to inclement weather, hail-stones, traversing the roof etc. Old pointing on a roof- especially if it pre-dates flexible pointing- can not only detract from the look of your home, it can be dangerous, as pieces of cement-like material can slide off the roof after becoming dislodged.

Rebedding and repointing is important maintenance you should consider periodically - how often really does depend on the quality of the work that was previously performed. However, the job will dramatically improve the overall look of the roof. The other fantastic thing about having a flexipoint system applied is that it comes in a variety of colours - so if you do decide on roof repairs or full roof restoration, it will match in beautifully with the colour of the existing tiles.


Flexipoint is an easy to use, flexible, permanent solution for ridgecaps and is Guaranteed.

Unlike traditional cement, Starpoint flexes with movement in the roof structure. There is no problem with ugly efflorescence and the colour remains stable. Starpoint is designed to withstand cyclonic winds.

Proven reliability

Starpoint has been designed and manufactured by a team with many years experience in the roofing industry. As a second generation product, Starpoint has had the benefit of extensive real-life and laboratory testing.


Starpoint will last for at least 10 years - guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Valley Seal

Valley Seal is a compressible bitumastic strip used to seal roof valleys

Valley Seal prevents water and vermin from entering the roof space through the valley line. It is supplied in lengths and fitted to the valley iron before the tile cuts are positioned. When the cuts are lain onto Valley Seal it compresses and forms a seal that reduces the possibility of storm run off overflowing the valley. Being bitumen impreganated Valley Seal actually adheres valley cuts to the valley iron. Valley Seal is a low maintenance product that should last the life of the valley.